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At the core of the foundation lies a simple yet profound belief: Every child, irrespective of their background or

socio-economic status, deserves equal access to a quality education.


This mission started with the inspiring journey of its founders, Humzah, Qasim, Umiemah, and Omar. Four siblings bound not only by blood but by a shared dream: the pursuit of quality education. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, their fervent aspirations led them to pack their bags and drive over 1300 miles all the way to Los Angeles. They sought to enroll in the top public university in the United States, and their relentless determination bore fruit when all four siblings transferred from a community college straight into the prestigious halls of UCLA.

But their journey didn't end with their personal academic achievements. Recognizing the profound impact of education on their lives, they were compelled to pay it forward. From this collective sense of responsibility and gratitude, Farrukh Foundation was born.

With an inaugural project in their mother country of Pakistan, the foundation's mission was cemented. Today, the foundation is a beacon of hope, championing the cause of education for children both nationally and globally.


Join us, as we turn this vision into a reality, one school at a time!


2024 Financial Statement

Our Founding Principles

Spread empathy
through education

Access to equitable and quality education for all

Help more children and teens graduate from school

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