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A School. 

Farrukh Foundation currently supports 3 schools   in Pakistan, with over

500 students  enrolled.


Your donation will help us in maintaining school functionality, renovations and supplies, ultimately helping hundreds of at-risk children gain access to a quality education. 

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Boarding Houses

Farrukh Foundation is currently supporting six boarding houses in the High Atlas mountain region of Morocco.


The houses offer a safe and supportive environment that empowers girls in the High Atlas region to achieve their educational goals.


Program Structure

For girls aged 12-18 in the High Atlas mountains, these houses are conveniently located near secondary schools, eliminating the long commutes that would otherwise prevent these girls from attending.  

Each house is staffed by 3-4 local women who provide guidance and support to the girls.  These women serve as important role models for the girls. 

On average, each house accommodates 30-50 girls, with a total of 250 girls being supported each year. 


Girls in the program receive three nutritious meals a day, along with access to computers to facilitate their education.


2024 is the year you change the lives of others.

It costs less than you think. 

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